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Patient Stories

Please take some time to read what some of my patients have said about me.

Joseph Aquilina London Gynaecologist

“I had been dealing with painful period pain since my early 20s, which had always caused me problems – both professionally and in my personal life. I understood that a hysterectomy may be required at some point but Dr Aquilina was very good at explaining all my options and taking my needs into consideration. I felt reassured every step of the way.

Now I just want to get going again and Dr Aquilina is very aware of that. He is attentive, takes his time on an individual basis and remembers even the smallest of details - such as recalling how many flights of stairs I encounter at work - and how that will affect my recovery.

I would say that Dr Aquilina is very understanding and personable. I’ve actually already recommended him to one of my colleagues who has been going through the same kind of thing. I’ve always felt every step of the process has been tailored in my best interest – I’ve never felt like just another patient.

I’m now just waiting to get fully signed off as I want to start working out again!”

Joseph Aquilina The London Gynaecologist

“I’ve been seeing Dr Aquilina for around ten years now and he trusts that I know my own body. We have built up such a relationship that it feels like talking to a friend or a family member rather than a doctor.

I really feel like I am being listened too and understood. He doesn’t come over as if he automatically knows what is best for me. He will let me know all my options and go through all the choices I have for any situation.

Doctor Aquilina is very trusting and understanding. He will come into the room before the surgery to talk through what is going to happen – but he also is very good at listening. He really knows his patients as an individual.

As a woman you know that your relationship with your gynaecologist will be for life – someone you will need to rely on - and Dr Aquilina has my full trust. I wouldn’t want to see anyone else.”

Joseph Aquilina The London Gynaecologist

“I first saw Dr Aquilina before I was pregnant the first time and was impressed by his personal touch and how involved emotionally he seemed to be. When I got pregnant I went for the scan - not knowing what a pioneer he was in the field - and was impressed that he was able to determine the sex of the baby at a very early stage.

He was actually away in Malta when I had my baby but he came straight to the hospital from the airport and apologised for not being there! He had scheduled everything in his absence so I felt completely looked after. I trusted him completely.

I would recommend Dr Aquilina, not just because of his vast experience and level of professionalism through all stages of the pregnancy, but because he makes you feel that he cares about you as an individual.

But I have made it very clear that I definitely want him to be there this time around!”

Joseph Aquilina The London Gynaecologist

“I was initially referred to Dr Aquilina by my GP and he immediately made me feel reassured and relaxed. He always seems completely focussed on me - and what is going on with my life - regardless of any time pressures he may be under.

Dr Aquilina is able to explain matters in a very calm and clear manner and because of that I have always felt confident in asking him questions or in seeking further explanations when necessary.

He is able to put me at ease by being straightforward and deals with any issue in a compassionate, sensible and relaxed manner. I would most certainly recommend Dr Aquilina to anyone. He is kind, professional, calm and makes me feel completely at ease. I should add that he has gone out of his way to respond to any issues or questions I have had, even at inconvenient times – something which should not be taken for granted!”